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Industrial Cleaning Service - Lafayette, IN

Industrial Cleaning services in lafayette in

Custom, Professional Industrial Cleaning Service

Manufacturing, warehouses, automotive centers—whatever industrial facility you operate, we can make sure that the grime that comes from a hard day’s work is washed away at whatever interval you decide. We have a large amount of industrial cleaning service projects in Lafayette, IN under our belt, so you know your industrial space is in good hands.

Industrial Cleaning services in lafayette in

Our Industrial Clients

Heavy Duty Manufacturing & Factory Facilities

All the day in, day out running of machines, fork trucks, workers, and all the debris that can be generated adds up over time. Clean Lemon has plenty of experience cleaning factories, machines, and keeping a regular schedule should you request it.


We’ve seen plenty of different warehouses, and we’ve done many different cleaning services for them. Depending on what kind of business you’re running out of your warehouse, this could be anything from keeping the floors clean with a dust mop, to a thorough degreasing.

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